a million facets, ever-changing

never still, never captured

by eyes or otherwise

~ the kaleidoscope of him only grows ~

holding its secrets close

it flies free, reveling

and sheโ€™s left, still wondering

I will forever be left fascinated by kaleidoscopes, and the people who make kaleidoscopes seem simple. This is my attempt at a Puente, a modern poetry form, for dVerse.

Photo by Jakob Owens from Unsplash.


  1. Oh wow, so very beautiful! I can really sense the intrigue and fascination throughout this piece. Kaleidoscopes are interesting indeed. My favorite part of this piece was the bridge, a nice and evocative transition to the final stanza. I loved it.


  2. I’m fascinated by kaleidoscopes, too. I like the way that “he” was a kaleidoscope image. A very nice bridge line, and then that final sentence hangs like she’s standing there in amazement, wondering what she’s just seen.


  3. A beautiful puente Mubashshira, I love the idea of a kaleidoscope as the bridge between our levels of understanding ๐Ÿ’œ


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