Sometimes woman, sometimes flower ~ always blooming

Dear dedicated fan of this illustrious blog,

You’ve probably lost a lot of sleep in the last few weeks over the lack of posts here. I apologise, I never meant to cause you distress. I know how you all probably schedule your week around reading my latest post.

The truth is I haven’t felt like I had much to put out there recently. Emotionally drained was the mood of the week for several weeks now, and instead of churning out forced positivity or regaling you with the very exciting stories of my quarantine adventures, I thought I’d shut up and listen for a while. I consumed a lot during this time. Both great food and art, my favourites. Lots of bread and 11 Star Wars movies. Princess Leia is now one of my muses.

I haven’t written much because words, which have always been my friend, evaded me – the right ones were nowhere to be found. Or maybe I gave up too easily. We’ll never know. But thankfully, my art journal provided some solace. The more time I spent on it, the more obvious the themes I wanted to focus on became. And they say a picture is worth a thousand words, so…here we are.

I did a little series of doodles that appeal to my particular aesthetic and then I gave that series a name, as one does. And so Sometimes Woman, Sometimes Flower ~ Always Blooming came to be.

Enjoy. Laugh at my amateur artistic endeavours. Go make your own art, because art isn’t only for the artistically talented (I should know).

flexible doesn’t mean weak – i bend to your will when it makes me happy

many faces, many strengths

i look to the sun so i can grow upwards

inner goddesses have identity crises too

free and in balance, a dream



Disclaimer: images are mostly variations of something I saw on Pinterest sometime, interpreted how I want.


  1. Nice piece! You should do these sorts of drawings regularly. Do you?


    1. Thanks for checking it out! Unfortunately I don’t draw regularly at all, it’s a rare spontaneous thing.


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