short thoughts: the upcoming death of a diary

Hello, friend. Hi, dear diary I’ve downloaded all my excess and overwhelming thoughts and feelings into for the past few years. I wonder who I’ll be when you are all filled up? Why does it feel so literal, the very real possibility of a closing chapter in life, nay, the ending of a saga, coinciding with the completion of a diary that holds the stories of my early twenties? It’s likely just me, as usual attaching too much importance to what is nothing more than an ordinary ritual – white space runs out on some bound sheets so you simply move on to yet another sheaf.

Could I actually jump from one journal to another mid-sentence if I wanted to?

Of course not. The lover of signs and symbolism in me wouldn’t stand for it. So here I am, delaying filling up the pages, trying to save a diary on its last legs. Anything to prolong the status quo and drag out a story I’m not sure I’m ready to end.


  1. parikhit says:

    Ah the diary moments! They become so personal, often humorous, at times sad, a mirror to our old selves. Of course when the last page arrives it is a bitter-sweet feeling, but we move towards a new chapter, etching the old chapters forever inside our heads 🙂


    1. New chapters in writing and in life! Welcome to this space, parikhit 😊

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      1. parikhit says:

        Thank you so much Mubashshira! Words are all we have, don’t we 🙂

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