Of love and laundry….#dVerse

It’s 2.12 am here and I can’t sleep so have written my first verses for Poetics hosted by dVerse. The theme is laundry. It’s my first time participating in anything like this and I can’t quite wrap my head around the fact that it’s a poem about laundry, written on the notes of my phone.

Oh, and I took the featured picture in Burano, Italy, because you never know when a photo of clothes hanging on a washing line becomes weirdly relevant.

Life is strange. A moment happens, and many moons later it’s captured in verses you never expected to write.

They told me love was in the little things

But I don’t think I realized

quite what that meant.

Then you called me and asked –

Babe, do you have anything that needs

to go in the wash?

And later you counted to make sure

all my socks came back in pairs.

They told me love was in the little things.

But I just didn’t imagine

it would be laundry that made me think

I could do this forever.


  1. Well, this is just gorgeous. And what a fantastic photo! (I could lose/loose myself in all that blue.) I’m so glad you came to us at Poetics. Isn’t it funny how life and love do tumble right out of the little things?


  2. This is just simply glorious writing. Proof it doesn’t take fancy many-syllabled words to describe love. Bravo


  3. Gorgeous photo and this one is so sweet and romantic all at once without being over the top.

    Its in the little things, smiles. Nice to meet you at dVerse! Hope to read more of your poems.


  4. Welcome to the Poets Pub – I hope writing the poem helped you to sleep. I thought I recognised Burano – I have a similar photo from one of my visits. Yes, love is in the little things, and I love how you’ve expressed this in your laundry poem.


    1. Thank you Kim! I didn’t sleep till much later but I’m glad one good thing came out of my late night. Excited to be part of the Poets Pub and write more in the future!

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  5. I eventually found your blog via this link. You will need to get rid of the old one from your WP email notifications.
    Your blog is bright, easy to read and navigate, and allows comments on posts. Looks fine to me! 🙂
    Best wishes, Pete.

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