short thoughts: on love and moons?

“I would give you the moon if I could.” A classic lovers’ line perhaps, but one that ultimately tells you nothing. Keep your dramatic hypothetical declarations to yourself and tell me instead what you will do, because you can. Will you hold me when I’ve had a bad day? Will you wipe my tears, cookContinue reading “short thoughts: on love and moons?”

For Mumtaz, with love

For every thousandth footstep that crosses your threshold, does she feel his devotion a little bit more? For every awed gaze cast upon your alabaster splendor, is she reminded that she was his muse? For every lover inspired by the story of how you came to be, does she think of how he chose herContinue reading “For Mumtaz, with love”

Ode to a tomato

Seasons shifted, and I waited peered through vines sifted through the rest and there you were, shiny and plump your bursting flesh revealing your youth I couldn’t help but reach out for you – the literal fruit of my labor and love Written for dVerse’s Poetics challenge for the week, where Sanaa asked us toContinue reading “Ode to a tomato”

short thoughts: on beginnings and endings

“Crucial to finding the way is this: there is no beginning or end.” I consider these words as I try to trace our journey, from the first awkward introduction to now. I’m trying to figure out how we got here, how every soul baring conversation, every round of banter, every unexpected adventure, every conflict ofContinue reading “short thoughts: on beginnings and endings”


a million facets, ever-changing never still, never captured by eyes or otherwise ~ the kaleidoscope of him only grows ~ holding its secrets close it flies free, reveling and she’s left, still wondering I will forever be left fascinated by kaleidoscopes, and the people who make kaleidoscopes seem simple. This is my attempt at aContinue reading “Kaleidoscope”

Of love and laundry….#dVerse

It’s 2.12 am here and I can’t sleep so have written my first verses for Poetics hosted by dVerse. The theme is laundry. It’s my first time participating in anything like this and I can’t quite wrap my head around the fact that it’s a poem about laundry, written on the notes of my phone.Continue reading “Of love and laundry….#dVerse”